About Us

SDT UK was born from a commitment to innovate an environmentally responsible solution for the growing global issue of hazardous electronic waste. Founded in ????, by experienced group of people, SDT UK is disrupting the process and repairing the reputation for electronics recycling with a focus on environmental sustainability, transparent downstream management and attention to data security.
With a state of the art electronics recycling facility and a proprietary on-site Innovation Lab, SDT UK mission is to continually minimize the impact of human progress on the earth’s natural resources. The facility, located in Notingham UK, is the only Certified IT Recycler in the area.
SDT UK  partners with private businesses, government organizations, schools and community organizations to collect, recycle and refurbish tons of unwanted e-waste every year. We also maintain the corporate purpose of creating a material positive impact on society and the environment; considering the impact of corporate decisions not only on shareholders but also on workers, community, and the environment.

Our Specialization

  • We are Veteran Owned and Veteran Operated!




  • We helped protect our country, now let us help protect your data!


  • We offer FREE Electronics Recycling Services


  • FREE On Site Hard Drive Shredding